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Our unique electronic clutch adapter replaces controlling the clutch pedal by foot. The clutch pedal is actuated by an electric motor controlled by the electronics which based on various data such as accelerator pedal position, vehicle speed and engine speed, evaluates correct starting. The equipment is tested and approved by an authorized laboratory of the Ministry of Transportation. We will of course teach you how to drive with our clutch.

Our company has developed new technical solutions for clutch and throttle. This electronics can be used either for separate electronic clutch, separate electronic throttle, or electronic clutch and throttle at the same time. Unique electronics can control accelerator in newer vehicles with electronic accelerator or in older vehicles with mechanically controlled throttle.

Our unique technical solutions

  • Possible connection via car electronic interface (diagnostic socket). Connection is then simpler, more accurate and delivers faster values.
  • Stepper motor provides very fast and precise going of pedal down to the floor and thus very quick shifting.
  • Variable speed of going clutch pedal up while driving according to the driver's behavior.
  • Intelligent going clutch down when slowing down or stopping the vehicle according to revs or speed of the car.
  • For easier handling we installed an ability to easy switch off the clutch(going the clutch pedal up), such as prolonged standing in queues.
  • The drive from the motor to the pedal is led by a toothed belt or rod.
  • When developing the clutch we also focused on innovative attachment to the pedal. Stirrup does not interfere with standard clutch control with left leg.

Description of components of the unit and layout of controls

Our electronic clutch is an authorized laboratory tested device by TÜVand approved by the Ministry of Transport.


Built-in terminal for easy control

When driving and using our electronic clutch you have the use of a thin panel with basic parameters to control the clutch. This terminal is located in range of driver. There are control buttons and control LEDs found on it. With it you can easily turn on and off the device and select one of three preset starting modes. In addition the driver can modify parameters of starting modes.

In this electronic clutch there are three programmed starting modes. You can change programmed values in steps according to your own discretion.

Look how to control our electronic clutch